Saturday, 25 June 2011


Well, standard la hidup orang bujang of wanting something so much that you hope someday it will come true. For me of coarse la the all time big show SUZUKI HAYABUSA! TEHE. Dari form 4 lagi termimpi mimpi on owning myself one of these. Memang orang cakap cinta pandang pertama la.R1, DUCATI, AUGUSTA tak pandang, HAYABUSA jugak. Adoyai bila kedengaran bunyi exhaust yang bagaikan music ditelinga memang tak akan terlepas pandang, confirm mata tercari cari munya la.haha. Last price checked RM95K, location: kuching. MAK AIII boleh dapat penyakit kentut berdarah ni haaa tengok price tag. Minat punya pasal memang terpaksa menabong la dari sekarang.ngahaa.

Tapi untuk sekarang ni cukup la my YAMAHA TZM150 menjadi pujaan hatiku. Sekarang tengah dalam unit pembedahan dalam proses pembikinan. Balik praktikal year confirnm I'll work on you babe, dont worry.

Friday, 24 June 2011

ship berth! :o

whoah, dah nak abis dah sem 2. Pejam celik pejam celik dah dekat setaun duduk bersarang dekat alam. Kapal untuk praktikal dah ada, blue book dah dalam tangan, tinggal nak settlekan final sem 2. Perasaan? I dont even know what my perasaan is, what to feel, what to do. Kadang kadang terasa muda for all of this shit.yea funny, but funny is in the truth. Well, I guess that i just have to grow up and try to be mature and just endure what lies ahead. Now that I realise that this is what I want to be, this is my career. Yeap, am going for it.

Indeed kalau belum ada apa apa contract lagi dengan mana company rasa macam goyah sikit but some people say that this is the best situation because of the options of working on the company which you yourself choose. Well, for now I dont have the words because belum dapat tengok sepenuhnya selok belok industry. This is where professionals view needed. Alah cakap banyak tak guna tendang pun tak kena, finish up my sea time 1st then I'll be talking about this someday. Mintak mintak la dijauhkan dari kecelakaan bila sign on nanti.Amin.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Do you Rugby?


Yes, the game that i fell in love with. I started playing rugby when i was in form 4. To tell you the truth i never like wanting to play sports more than rugby. It’s in my blood. My father used to play rugby also in his early days but his injury stopped him from keep on going. In the year 2008, it was sort of a nightmare for me in terms of training. I mean it was like non-stop training, running up and down the hills, eating (of course :D), injuries and everything la.

Before that, way back in my early days i was a fatty. I don’t know how many kilo’s lost. But in terms of strategy of the game we didn’t practise a lot. I do not know why don’t ask me :D and so you guys already know right what’s the point of playing if you don’t have the strategy. Yeaap, upon my first official tournament, our team lost. Kalah bermaruah la orang cakap :D

But it’s ok la 1st game orang cakap J. Then coming in my senior year in 2009, but this time the training was ok not as hardcore as last time. Only the 3 of us (juniors) playing the last tournament. So it was like damn, back to basics. The venue for the tournament was on our home turf, so the pressure is on us.

Coach wanted me to play as a stand off (SO). I, without a second to spare say no. SO is the playmaker in the game, who has to be fit, let me rephrase that, fit. With my condition back then, i do not want to let my guys down. My position was and still is prop.

Yeaap, nope, we didn’t win the tournament, yes, it was a thumbs down for us, on our home ground, damn! We had couples of injury on our side, one with fractured leg, dislocated shoulder. Sigh.

After my school years, i don’t think that i going to play rugby no more. Guess that i was wrong, now in alam, rugby frenzy babeh. I’ve learned so much about rugby from my batchmates and currently still learning. Seeing variety of skills performed, fired up my rugbyjegolo, yeah, word of the day!
What do they call me? Lol. Yeah this is some funny story. I named my boot “adidas payak”, why did i give that sort of name? Simple, because it’s not the original adidas boots.  The name sticks until today, i don’t mind actually they calling me payak, bcause i invented the name. Cheers for that :D

Playing for alam? Yes and it’s a joy to me to be able to join them, seeking victory after a victory. The management of alam do not put any hopes in the rugby team, why? Well because of the injuries. Well, let me ask you something, which sports does not have any injuries due to the players?  This is totally unacceptable. Hope one day they can change that view of theirs on the sports called rugby. It’s a gentleman’s sport. You don’t get involve into fights among the opponent because it’s a game we play, rugby. Tap on the shoulder and walk away. That’s just how we roll :D